Homemade chocolate or branded chocolate ? Which is better ?…know here!!!!!!!!!

Hey beauties ……….Welcome back!!!!!!!! So today’s post is all about chocolates ……. I think almost all of you like to eat chocolate but do you know the one that you are eating is not what chocolate needs to be …I know its confusing but today we’re gonna crack it .

Lets begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The main ingredient of chocolate is cocoa but do you know that the most of the common brand chocolates that we eat has a very little amount of cocoa in it , instead it has a large amount of sugar in it (approx 6 to 8 spoonful of sugar per chocolate bars) . Its quite shocking , isn’t it . And in case you want to have a pure dark chocolate with less sugar then its quite costly .

The cocoa which makes chocolate a beneficial and tasty snack is not present at that amount in our chocolate . It means that the chocolate that we eat has 20% pros but 80% con .

Effects : acne breakouts , obesity , toxics and much more

Don’t worry …here comes the solution : Homemade chocolate

Homemade chocolate is a perfect , pure and easy solution . But how can we make one ???? For that I have the easiest of all .

The above image contains the methods of preparing homemade chocolate

This homemade chocolate is not only rich in cocoa but also contains no amount of sugar in it instead it has honey which is better known for its natural sweetening properties.

Benefits : Helps to fight depression and anxiety , keeps you refresh and provides energy to your body and much more

So that’s all for this . Hope it helps .Do comment and share your thoughts and after results . Stay tuned

Do you often forget to drink water ? Know more about water drinking habits, tricks and tips

Hey beauties ……..Welcome back !!!!!!!!!! Did you had more than 3 litres of water today ??? If your answer is no than you are at a right site . In today’s post I am going to share pros and cons of (water) drinking habits , share my personal experiences , tips and tricks . So stay tuned ………….

Lets begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lack of water leads to dehydration

Lack of water often leads to a dehydrated body , dizziness , loose motions , constipation , etc.

How much water you should drink ?

Certainly , there is no limits on the amount of water but still you must have at least 3 litres to maximum 7 litres of water each day . You may also check out some scientific research for this .

If you have enough amount of water every day your body stays hydrated and it helps to maintain your skin and hairs too. If you have skin issues like acne then water helps a lot .

Tips and tricksfor water drinking habits

The best time to have water is early in the morning on empty stomach , just have some glasses of water that’s it .

Remember : Not to have water at standing position because of some digestion issues you must have water while sitting .

Use bottle and sippers keep it beside you and sip in some water during your work .

Go for 2 glasses of water instead of one in this way you will be able to fulfil all the body needs easily .

Have some juicy fruits and try fruit juice as they are rich in anti oxidant therefore it will help a lot .

Link water with some of your daily habits I personally linked water with my meals (that contains healthy snack after breakfast , lunch and dinner) therefore 15 minutes before having my meal I drink one glass of water and this way I am able to drink at least 2 litres of water ,isn’t it cool!!

So that’s all for today . Please try it and share the results with me .I you like it then Share this post with your family and friends .

Hope it helps

Please share your thoughts with me by commenting down and follow us for upcoming updates .

Thanks a lot

These are the things you are doing wrong to reach a toned body . Know the right way here :

Hey beauties …….Welcome back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So how many of you have been trying to lose weight and get a toned body????Maybe……..All of you , right?So today I ‘m just here to correct your mistakes .

Lets began!!!!

1. Dieting and fasting for a long time

If you are someone you just have watched some youtube videos and have bought some diet food for yourself and fasting then let me tell you its completely wrong . The thing that you are losing with this method is your muscle and not your fat and As soon as you start having the normal food you would probably get the double fat that you even didn’t have before . The reason is that when you exercise you body needs more nutritious food and more carbohydrates then before and fasting or dieting does not help you with that .

Instead : Eat food which has more nutritions in it . Don’t be much influence by foreign culture and stick to your genes ….stick to what you already have taken before .

2. Ignoring sugar the wrong way

Many of us already know about the harmful effects of sugar on our health and we are trying very hard to ignore even one tsp of sugar in our daily life but what instead we are doing is ………..We’ve been having cold drinks like coke , pepsi , or else soda . But Did you know : One glass of coca cola contains upto eight spoonful of sugar !!!!!! Yes it is true can you believe we have been trying not to add even one spoon of sugar in any beverage but we are having a drink which has messed all our efforts .

3. Lying on bed the whole day

How many of you have exercised or did yoga in the morning but is still lying on the bed, huh? Almost everyone ………..but this is something that just ruins all your hard work . So from next time just be active the whole day to see magical effects.

4. Maintaining unhealthy gut

Gut health is as important as anything else . Make sure that you drink enough water and eat nutritious food to maintain a clean healthy gut .

So that’s all ….Please comment down to share your thoughts

Hope it helps

This natural ingredient can substitute your chemical conditioner .

Hey beauties welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!Hope all of you are doing great .

In today’s busy world its hard to find a toxic chemical free haircare and skincare products that too – cheap . Therefore to solve all these issues here we are with a single natural ingredient that can substitute your chemical hair conditioner .

From the past few weeks I have been using a natural ingredient right after washing my hair and this ingredient smells good and does a miracle to your frizzy dry hair and if you have curly hair ( like me) then you need to include it . So without further more suspense let me unbox the ingredient .

So this miracle ingredient is ::::::

Coconut milk

Yup ……………this one is the miracle ingredient I’ve been talking about . So there are lot of benefits of using this ingredient and If you are someone who cannot tolerate all the mess and bad smell of those natural ingredients like eggs and yogurt (and much more) then you definitely need to try this .

Benefits of coconut milk (for hairs)

1. Conditions your hair

2. Approved for CG method (Curly girl method)

3. Provides you curls a frizz free look and nourishes them

4. Frizz free hair

5. Provide moisture to dry hairs

6. Good for dry ,flaky and itchy scalp

How to use coconut milk as a conditioner or hair mask

So particularly all you need to do is just wash your hair with shampoo . Wrap a towel or cotton cloth so that that is soaks all the present water and just apply coconut directly on your hair length and scalp (the same you you apply hair mask ) on damp hairs . Let it sit for 30 or more minutes you may also cover it with a hair cap or else and wash it off with water (Remember not to use shampoo after you have applied coconut milk and just use water to remove it )

Where to get one from ?

Coconut milk is readily available on grocery shops and in supermarket . The place from where you purchase milk you may buy it from there too or else online can work

Books :The best use of Leisure . Know your real self and some interesting books

Leisure means spare time . A beautifulΒ  person once said The time you enjoy wasting was not wasted .Β 

Hey beauties welcome back so todays post is all about leisure (free time) . So what according to you can be the best use of your free time . Okay………..can’t find one, then you are exactly on a right site .

Books are considered to be the best friend of mankind . There are millions of benefits we get by reading just a book , story or novel . If you are someone who is currently busy learning english or any other language so all you need to do is just read any comic or thrill book related to your subject .

Reading book not only helps in learning a new language but also increases your vocabulary .

You may have heard the word ‘productive ‘ and maybe about ” a productive morning or day” what does that mean to you ……Does it mean just to scroll down new updates on youtube or google or maybe just chilling on netflix or just watching T.V …….if so then you better read books instead …I mean what productive can you have better than just reading a book maybe only for 20 minutes or more …….

Smart phones and televisions are making our days worse …Since precautions are better than cure therefore try an interesting book instead that fits your interest .

If you are willing to start but don’t know the way to get started then here it is ……….

Below are mentioned some of my favourites and interesting books for you .

1. Matilda

A sweet comic and sentimental story that takes you to the journey of a little and a genius five year old girl – Matilda . This book is written by Roald dahl which is a combination of comic and thrilling factors. ( may also try Charlie and the chocolate factory and please do check out a perfect review before purchasing book)

2. Harry Potter series

Who doesn’t know about the famous series of this but reading a book is more enjoyable then watching a movie .

3. Alice in wonderland

This lewis caroll composition takes a dig at Alice (girl) who met an imaginary world – a speaking rabbit and much more.

4. Diary of a young girl

If you are someone who is interested in reading diaries than this one is made for you , composition of anne frank (of germany ) based on true story takes you to the challenges a teenage girl faces and is wriiten by the girl itself . (May also check out Diary of a Wimpy Kid )

Disclaimer : these books have been mentioned on basis of few research and my personal favourism .Please do check out the review first before investing in any one .

Ginger tea : A perfect solution for all problems

Hey beauties …..Welcome back . So today my question is – Do you have obesity , acne , stomach ache and such issues ?? If so then this post is made for you ……….Basically I’m gonna share some health benefits of having ginger tea but before that let me share the remedy and time to take it .

Lets begin!!!!!!!!!!!

How to make one for you?

So ginger tea is very simple and effective . All that you need is a small amount ginger and water . So start by taking 2 cups of water and boil it . As soon as it starts boiling add the small ginger slice and let it boil for another 10 or more minutes . When you are able to see that browninsh – yellow colour your ginger tea is ready . After some time pour it in your cup and you may add a pinch of turmeric to it or honey .

What is the right time and right amount to take ?

So the perfect time to take it is right after you wake up (and complete all the chores including brushing your teeth) i.e. take it on empty stomach and remember not to have anything else (like breakfast ….bread or toast) but after 1 hour you may have your breakfast . The amount you need to have is 1 cup or half cup ginger tea per day you may also have 2 cups but not more than that because it will have a harmful effect on your health.

Ignore consumption if you feel irritation or stomach aches or any other symptom and test if you are allergic to it or not .

Benefits ::::::

1. Improves brain health

It is very good for your brain health and improves your memorizing power.

2. Good for your heart

Ginger tea is a cool remedy that not only improves your brain but also your heart .

3. Balances cholestrol level

It balances your cholestrol level and gives you a heathly body and mind.

4. Burns calories

If you want to find a good and easy way to burn calorie then this is for you .

5. Weight loss

Ginger tea really helps you deal with your obesity and increasing weight .

6. Prevents acne breakouts and pimples .

If you are one of those cursed one who have breakouts very often then you must have a ginger tea empty stomach trust me it is so good .

7. Detox

It removes all the toxics from your body and keeps you beautiful inside and out .

So these are few heath benefits of ginger tea .

Hope it helps and please comment down and share your thoughts or doubts with us

Beneficial ingredients (for acne) in skincare to look for

Hey beauties welcome back . I hope you’ve read my last post where I’ve mentioned toxic ingredients or chemicals in your skincare . So today I’m mentioning the beneficial products you should definitely look for .

Lets begin!!!!!!!!!!!!

Salcilic acid

This ingredient is anti bacterial and non comedogenic which further clears your skin and removes harmful bacteria and dirt from your skin . Remeber if you are using a product with this ingredient then you’ve to leave it on for 2 or more minutes to ensure further more benefits.

Glycolic acid

It prevents breakout and removes excess oil , dirt and harmful bacteria from your face .

Aloe vera

This one is a natural ingredient which is often used in many skin care products it is very beneficial for dark spots and skars

So these are the three ingredients beneficial for your acne prone or damaged skin . There are a lot more so please comment down if you want me to make a complete list of those .

Hope it helps

Toxic Products to ignore in your skincare products

Hey beauties …welcome back again.In my last post I’ve mentioned several times the name “toxic products” and this is what you all need to know about in this post . If you still haven’t checked my last post then please check it out . So I’m going to tell you what you should never look for in your skincare and why .

Lets begin!!!!!!!!!


You may have heard this many times so basically this ingredients is similar to detergent .It basically cleans off all the natural oil and unbalances the ph of your skin . It provides a lot of harm to your skin.


Sulfates or sodium lareth sulfate or any other kind of sulfate is very very and very harmful to your skin and even to your hairs . Many researches says that it may also cause many diseases like cancer but don’t worry you can change your skincare now and you’re good to go


Again …..they work as a detergent and dries out your skin and make the problem even worse

Propylene glycol

It is derived from petroleum and is carcinogenic and is very toxic


Another bad product we might love the sweet smell of products but these fragrances are damaging your skin very badly .


It has many health irregularities and damages your skin .

So these are the products which are very toxic for your skin . But unfortunately these are not the complete toxic ingredients Since, studies have found that most cosmetic products or skincare contains more than 50% of toxic products and there are over 50 or more toxic ingredients present . Unfortunately most of us are using toxic products daily. So try to avoid these toxics and even try some natural ancient beauty and get a beautiful skin.

Hope it helps and please check out some more .

You may comment down your thoughts or doubts and I will surely guide you to the right path .

Teen acne skincare routine

Hey beauties …..So as you all can see the title above ..As a teenager I too got confused on a lot of things but soon I got to know what should I do to get rid of these acne and teen problems . So I thought to share it with you too . So lets begin!!!!!!

1. Mild cleanser

We all get a mess by choosing a toxic cleanser for us which completely dries our skin and unbalances the ph and can further causes more problems . So it is very necessary that you use a toxic free cleanser for yourself . A few that I can name are : st botanica’s cleanser , cera ve cleansers and many more . You may even try some DIY natural cleanser and I will surely update a post on it .

2. A moisturiser

A good quality moisturiser is that what you need next ..so again try to find a toxic free and mild , non greasy and non comedogenic one ( those which do not clogs your pores ) .

3. A sunscreen

The third and most important thing is a sunscreen and that too toxic free and non comedogenic . Try to get one with more than 25 or upto 30 spf and do not believe on the known brands or T.V advertising brands for it . Check out or research for one that suits your skin.

So that’s all you need and its the best and affordable thing you should look for ….as a teen and if you still want to add something than you probably can invest in a toner that suits your skin and non toxic one .( don’t invest much in serums or night cream or day cream and spot treatments because at this age your skin is very delicate and it itself sheds off the dead skin itself .)

Hope these helps and thanks for reading

Please check out more and comment down and share your thoughts or doubts with me .

Does outer appearances effects one’s inner beauty

“Hey beauties”

With this title πŸ‘†I generally began all my posts but today I saw people (obviously on social media) who were broken up by all those who became judgemental on their looks . So all that came to my mind is what “beauty” actually means to you .

For me beauty is what need appreciation be it outer one or inner one . The words — Fair , clear and white can never be those words to define someone’s beauty .

And today I just want to ask you all that what beauty actually refers to?

If a person is cunning but is fair , tall and pretty then Is he or she the prefect one to say that “hey ……You’re beautiful” and If another person is not too good in his looks but is just and honest then if he not the correct person to say ” You’re beautiful ” .

Well maybe I’m being a lecturer today but nobody could ignore these facts , right?

Of course I know that looks are equally important but when I say “equally” then you cannot keep all other things aside .

The reason why I have choosed to start each post with “beauty” title is just because ….for me each one of you and one who reads my post is a beautiful person in a way or other but the way people look onto this beauty title is unjust and dishearting .

So all those who feels the same just want to thank them with all hearts and sending hugs to youπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

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