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Healthy habits of healthy people | What are your healthy habits ?

Healthy people start their day with health habits and end them with healthy habits as well . What are these habits ? Well , you need to stay tuned to know about this .

Starting a day with smile is one of the greatest habit of healthy people . Ask yourself – How many days have you woken up with a smile ? I can bet you can remember maximum of the days waking up stressful or snoozing your alarm . If you want to live a healthy life you need to learn to wake up everyday with a smile . The scientific reason is that when you smile – endorphins are released which are natural painkillers and serotonin . These factors makes us feel good and relaxes our mind and body deeply .

Early to bed and early to rise : It is the second habit healthy people follow . Waking up early and getting on bed early is a great habit , it makes your day organised and you don’t end up feeling tired and less active .

Eating fruits and drinking 8 ounces of water each day : Fruit contain good nutrients and water is the key to a healthy body . Including fruits in the daily diet is the best thing anybody can do .

Doing more physical activity : it is something that most of us don’t practice every day , and that is why obesity at a very early age is a common problem nowaday . If you cannot exercise daily try to find good alternatives such as walk or jog , go to your work place by bicycle , use stairs , practice stretching.

Healthy munching : What do you often have as a snack each day? Maybe chips , chocolates , etc. But healthy people don’t really have these munching options . They usually have nuts , fruit juice and certain healthy snacks .

Less screen time : smart phones , laptop , etc. are the things we are obsessed with . If you really want to become a healthy person then you really need a very less screen time . Maximum 3 hours of screen time is more than enough for you .

So what are your healthy habits that you are proud of ? Mine I can say , waking up and getting to bed early , having fruits every day and practicing yoga and stretching .

There are actually a lot of things healthy people do each day . If you want to know more of them just hit the like button and let me know in the comments (if you want a part 2 of this post )

That’s all

B’bye , see you next time πŸ™‚


How to take care of your plants |know here

All of us know the importance of plants but do we know how to take care of them ? How to make them grow fast ? If not , then this post is definitely for you !!!

Just like we pamper our skin , body from inside as well as outside , in the same way plants too need a lot care . Here are few steps you should always follow :

If you are following all the steps corrcetly

  1. Aerating them : this ones actually the most important one . Aerating just means to simply open up the soil so that the root can breathe . There are several tools present in the market for the same but it can simply be done at home with a fork itself . I have already made a post on this so you may check that out for more information .
  2. Protecting them : for a healthy plant you must ensure that it is well protected from the bugs and insects that may end up gaining all the required nutrients from the plant and make it dead . Peppermint oil is something that I use as a spray for this purpose , all you need to do for this is just mix peppermint oil with 3 parts of water and spray the mixture on your plant once a month or a week . It also promotes growth of the plant .
  3. Good environment : Make sure your plant is getting enough sun rays and a healthy environment according to the need . Make sure it get the sun rays between 9 Am and 12 Pm (because that is time where sun rays are not extreme ) . If you have indoor plants at home make sure to keep them outdoor twice in a month or once in a week .
  4. Adequate water : Every plant has its own water capacity so make sure you have provided it with adequate supply of it and don’t overwater the plant (because it will rot the roots .
  5. Providing nutrients : use the natural fertilizers or things like vermi compost and try to use natural manures .

That is it !

See u next time:)

A big challenge for y’all || Are you ready ?

Hey everyone ! First of all thank you for giving so much love on my previous post of 21 day challenge . I’m back with another challenge but this time it is for you all . Are you ready for it ?

Before sharing the challenge ,here are few things that I wanted to share .:

One day I was just lying in my bed and watching a TV show . The host was actually sharing why sometimes we are unable to fall asleep even if we are tired . So the reason she told was All day long we just stay in our room lying in the bed or we spend the maximum time of the day lying on our bed and do all our activities . And due to this our brain gets signal that bed in not meant for sleep , its just a place to do all our work . It might sound bizzare but that is the truth .

Only thing that we can do is : staying away from our bed in the day time and using it only to sleep . Also if you have a busy schedule whole week , on the weekends don’t just waste your time taking bed rest . Too much bed rest is also not preferable .

The next thing I want to say is stop wasting your time on your phone . Too much of screen time and too much waste of time is the worst thing you can ever do . You must use your phones in the day time but try to avoid it in the night time . (Although there is no specific screen time prescribed by doctors )

Soooo…finally now , here is the challenge for you :

1. Stay away from your bed all day and get onto in only for getting a good sleep .

2. Stop exceeding screen time , spend maximum 4 hours on phone and never use it before getting sleep or while lying in the bed for a sleep .

Alternate things you can do :

1. Follow your hobbies

2. Give meditation a try

3. Dance or try cardio

4. Read books ( fictional stories , novel , biographies , memoir )

These challenges might sound tough but I trust you all . You can do anything you want . All the best

Don’t forget to share if you did complete the challenge or not .


See you next time πŸ™‚

Deities that will be alive forever || Gods present right before our eyes || save earth

Deity or God has always been the one we trust the most . We worship them whole heartily but there are few deities that are right in front of our eyes and we don’t respect them much .

There are many reasons but the main reason why we worship deities is because they solve our problems , they helps us . But now the question you might be thinking of is where are those deities , who are they ?

The deities that are present right before our eyes are none other than The Nature and our universal mother Earth . Reading this many of you might be furious of me explaining such baseless stuff but trust me once you’ll read it all you will believe . To believe .

The sun rays , The moon light , The Air , The earth , The trees , The plants , The water and everything that surrounds us is meant to help us , to solve all the problems that surrounds us 24/7 . In case we lose any of these the human life will be in big danger . Water scarcity , depletion of ozone layer , harmful air , homeless wildlife , cutting of trees ………. All this need to be stop right now .

Indeed these deities are alive forever but we don’t know if we lose them anyhow . My whole heartily request to all of you is The nature is not just a thing , its our complete life cycle . A secure today will give us a secure tomorrow . Start worshiping these deities or they may stop you either .

Stop polluting the environment , If you go to your job each day alternate the mode of transport : Just walk over the distance or use your bicycle , it will be good for your health and the Nature ‘s health too . Just make your mind , say to yourself that you will not use car for atleast 2 days in the week . Your small contribution can make a big difference .

It is high time to understand all this .

Nature needs your help 😦

How to lose fat efficiently

In 21st century we all are dependent on artificial intelligence if not directly then indirectly and this dependency over machines is leading us to the way where we need to do nothing but just complete our work relaxing on a couch .Β  Therefore it has been hard for many of us to get fit and some of us has already reach the stage of obesity . But no more worries now as I amΒ  here with some of the easy steps to the journey from getting fat to fit . So here are the easiest steps to get fit .

1. Sit on the floor

This is the easiest and the most effective thing that we can do to get fit and lose fat efficiently .

2. Do more physical work

In many studies researchers have found that doing more physical work helps losing more calories or in other words it helps losing fat . So from now do more physical work .

3. Drink water

Water not only hydrates your body but also relieves many of your disease . Water is an easy an effective way to lose fat and you can achieve your goal just by drinking more and more water . You can do this by downloading some apps that will help you the quantity and quality of water you need to drink.

4. Say no to elevators and lifts

To get fit you need to lose more calories and researchers have found that using stairs helps losing fat easily therefore from now say no to the elevators – lifts.

5. Cardio

Cardio working is a very interesting session that is not only interesting but also effective . You can try some  cardio workout for beginners.

6. Yoga

Yoga is even more better than exercising . This is a simple way of achieving your fitness goals.

7. Brisk walking

Brisk walking is taking 100 steps per minute . This helps increasing your heart rate and blood flow and leads to a healthy body

So these are the simplest ways of achieving your fitness goals . Also , HIT or high intensity workouts can prove a good option for you , you only need to do HIT workouts once or twice a week .

Hope it helps

B’bye , See you next time πŸ™‚

How to rock curls with these simple tricks and methods

Hair ! Simply means something that needs a lot of care and protection but having dry , brittle hairs and that too curly means a lot a lot and a lot of care . But what’s the right way , I mean what are the tips that will help to rock with your curly hairs . So I am with some tips to renovate your dull looking room that exists just above your forehead.

1. Shampoo

Let me tell you that most of the shampoo today consist of some dangerous chemicals naming-  sulfates and parabean . These chemicals not only remove your natural oil but also clogs the pores of the scalp. Therefore from now say no to sulfates rather try sulfate free shampoo . I personally love using my 100% natural ayurvedic amla bringraj shampoo .

2. Conditioner

If your hair is frizzy and brittle then it is necessary to nourish and condition them properly . Therefore right after your shampoo session apply a conditioner to your hair .(Try using conditions that are too sulfate and harmful ‘ alcohol ‘ free .) You need to wait for at least 5 minutes or 15 minutes and then wash it off .

3. Deep conditioning

Deep conditions is even more better than conditioning and you can do it just by using some natural hair mask or try else . Banana and avocado works as some of the best conditioning ingredients you can add to hair mask . I personally tried coconut milk with just 1 tsp honey and apply it to my hairs and let it sit for 30 minutes , it not only works the best but smells the best too .

4. Hair drying carefully

It is still in our practices that right after washing and conditioning we wrap our hairs directly with a harsh towel and this is the worst thing you can do to your curls. Instead try using cotton clothes or your old cotton T shirts to wrap or microfibre towel and let it air dry or diffuse it .

5. Combing practices

We all are in habits of using those brushes and normal combs and these results in the diffusing of your curls into a very harsh way instead try wide tooth combs or your hands to de tangle or shape your hairs.

6. Curly girl method

Curly girl method is the superb method that results in a cool hydrated and frizz free curls . There are a lot of do’s and don’t s you need to follow according to this method . There are a lot of social media influencers who have described this method in brief , make sure you check it out .

At last : Curly hairs need a lot of nourishment and care so handle them gently . If your hairs already are damaged and have split ends you better get a hair cut or chop them off . I did the same when my hair was completely damaged I asked the expert to chop all the damaged ones . Then , I started taking care of them . Always choose toxic free products for tour hair or skincare .

Hope it helps

B’bye , see u next time πŸ™‚

How to make detox your body || Three Detox drinks at home ||| know here

An unhealthy body is home to many diseases , skin problems , fat , etc . We waste a lot of money on these things without even caring that a healthy innerself concludes a beautiful outerself . But how can we do that, Huh? There are very easy solutions to these problems , So lets get started

1. Holy basil water ( tulsi water )

This is the most easiest drink that we can make at home . All you need is one glass of water and 5 – 6 tulsi leaves and boil them together until the water quantity turns half . This drink not only helps remove toxic drinks from body but also helps reduce fat and give a radiant , spotless and problem free skin.

2. Lemon and mint

This one is the most heard about drink that is the solution to each and every problem of yours . To make this you need to have a glass of warm  water and add some mint leaves in it and let it boil. Now turn off the flame and let it sit for 2 or more minutes and finally add lemon juice in it . This drink includes the magical ingredients that help lose fat , increase metabolism and so on.

3. Green tea

This is the most heard about . Most of you may have already heard and tried this popular magical drink ” Green tea ” . This is the magical drink that relieves you from a lot of other problem.

How to get a perfect deep sleep ||Factors that affect your sleep ||| Things you should ignore at night ||||Night routine you should build|||||know here

A good sleep is just as important as healthy body and mind . But nowadays we spend our days as well as nights watching others improving on our Phones rather than improving ourselves …………..Don’t worry as I am here to improve your lifestyle πŸ˜‰

If you are going through very low days , stress , fitness journey , etc . Then a good deep sleep is all you need but the question is :

How to get a perfect deep sleep ?

To get a perfect sleep the most important part is to think , analyse and change your night routine . Stay away from your bed the whole day and use it only for sleeping purpose .

Changes you should be making in your routine

* Using blue light emitting device in the morning . Enjoy the sun , instagram and all phone related things in the morning or noon time . Try to get bright light exposure in the day .

* stay away from blue light emitting devices at night , use apps or night mode so that they completely block the blue light (blue light tricks your brain to think its day time) . Don’t watch Television or Phones at night .

* Don’t have any caffeine 3 or 4 hours before you sleep . Caffeine keeps your body energise and active . Therefore if you have coffee hours before sleep you might not feel tired to sleep .

* Try to do some boring stuffs , it actually works for me whenever I am unable to fall asleep I read a very boring scientific book and that makes me tired to fall asleep .

* Don’t take naps exceeding 30 minutes during the day .

* Make several changes in your bedroom while sleeping i.e. put on the curtains , keep your bedroom clean and tidy .

* sleep and wake up at consistent time . For instance , Go to the bed at 9 PM and wake up at 5 AM or go to the bed at 10 PM and wake up at 6 AM.

* Exercise regularly and do some physical works during the day to keep your body healthy and tired enough to ensure a good sleep but remember not to do any physical exercises at night or before going to bed.

How to sleep ? Things you should not do while getting into sleep

While you are on your bed trying to fall asleep , remember not to think or overthink of something (someone ) . Don’t visualise stuff because it stress’your brain and prevent it from falling asleep . Just lay down into a relaxing posture keep your eyes close (make sure there is no light emitting in your bedroom) , put your phone away from you or put it on night mode (Do not disturb mode) . You may also wear eye masks . Feel your breath or body relaxing itself and you will fall asleep fast .

Conclusion: Enjoy lights and sun in the day time and stay away from them at night . Stay away from your bed all day long and get onto it only for sleeping . Don’t visualise stuffs while falling asleep and make sure you completely block every light entering your bed room at night . Don’t exercise before going to bed .

Hope it helps , sorry for late post . Make sure you comment down and let me know if it did help or not . Tell me what next you will like me to share .


Factors that contribute in dark circles and puffy eyes ||Very very very important note at the end

According to few , Dark circles are quite common and usual and they don’t imply a serious health concern. Well , its not true . Dark circles have their own reasons to be appeared on the skin . The reason I hate dark circles is just because it makes your eyes look like that of a Raccoon ( And there’s actually a skin issue related to dark circles naming “Raccoon eyes”)

(Very important notice at the end ) if you just have a great skin with a glow and a spotless face but you have dark circles , then it just ruins it all . And dark circles make you look like “a plate with two brownies ” ( Me while typing all this : wait! Is it relatable !!!!!πŸ€”πŸ€”)

Okay so! I’ve wasted your time reading all the above unwanted stuff . And that’s why I just want to say :

Reasons , why you have dark circles :

  • Improper sleep or improper daily routine
  • Lack of iron or anemia
  • Due to the Genetics
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Maybe you are aging
  • Dehydration
  • Too much Uv rays or sun exposure

Treatments or easy home remedies

  1. Cucumber slice : For this method , you just need two slices of cucumber , refrigerate them or even kept them in freezer . After it is cool , place them on your eyes or keep them over your eyes for 20 to 30 minutes . You can practice this two times a day and at the end of the week , you’ll see a big difference .
  2. Rose water : For this method make sure you use 100% pure rose water without any chemical . Take 2 cotton pads , soak each one in rose water and just place it on your eyes , be relaxed and then put it off after 20 or 30 minutes .
  3. Aloe vera : Again , all you need is pure aloe vera gel or aloe vera leaf (make sure you remove the yellow substance first) . Take required amount and coat a thin layer of aloevera gel around your eyes and let it sit for good 30 minutes . And you’re done .
  4. Cold compress : its actually the easiest one , all you need is few two ice cubes and a clean cotton cloth. Just wrap the cloth around the ice and put it under your eyes for 20 minutes and relax
  5. Take 30 minute nap : This one is actually tough for me as I generally avoid sleeping during the working or day time and else I want a good sleep of 3 hours . So if you feel you can sleep for 30 minutes without exceeding the time , then go for it .

So that is all for today .

Important note: Dear readers , please do like the post at the end because you never do so . (but what if no one reads thisπŸ€”….)

Well I was just kiding above πŸ‘† , if you found it useful then you are free to like it and if not then do comment down and type “It was not useful”😁

Bye bye , see you soon!!!!!!!!

Bentonite clay – All you need to know |Skincare||Healthcare|||Consumption |||| know here

Bentonite clay is actually a kind of clay better known for its toxic and oil absorbing power . Bentonite clay has been formed by the volcanic ash (years ago) . The name “bentonite” is taken from “Fort benton,wyoming ” – the place known for  largest source of this  clay  . ( By the way bentonite clay is not fullers earth , both the clays are different )

It is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate clay consisting mostly of montmorillonite . It has been used since centuries for detoxifying the body , improving digestion and skincare ofcourse .

Some people believe eating bentonite clay and consuming it in liquid form for removing toxic from inside the body . Studies have shown affirmative results , but doctors don’t recommend eating such things as it may block or harm your intestine and digestive tracks . Also, bentonite clay may bring some unwanted metals, like lead in it, which is never preferable for consumption .

Types of bentonite clay

There are actually two kinds of clay available : Sodium bentonite clay and calcium bentonite clay .

Sodium bentonite clay absorbs the AB toxins from body and leaves sodium in place , which helps the body in Maintaining  hydration and is natural electrolyte

Calcium bentonite clay absorbs the AD toxins from the body and leaves calcium behind which is ideal for remineralising  . It can also absorb flouride from water . Calcium bentonite clay is also said to be more alkaline than the other clay .

Which is the ideal kind of bentonite clay ?

If you want your clay to do just one of the above mentioned things than you know your ideal choice but in case you want a multi purpose or want both kinds of clay in one then Redmond clay must be your choice . This clay has both the characteristic of  sodium and calcium bentonite clay .

What makes it absorb the toxics?

Bentonite clay is negatively charged whereas toxics are positively charge . When both the charges come together the effect becomes neutral and clay absorbs the toxics . I know its kind of scientific talk ……….so if this can’t get into your head , you better leave itπŸ˜…

How to use ?

* Preparing a detox face mask

*Preparing a detox hair mask

* For acne treatment

* For complete external body detox

* As an armpit detox

* As a shampoo

* for treating dry skin

Note: while mixing bentonite clay don’t use any metal container or spoon or anything related to metal (steel ) . You better use Utensils made of glass.

How not to use ?

Few websites and other sources have recommended bentonite clay to be used internally . I will never recommend the same there are a lot of detox stuffs present in the market you should consume either . Don’t risk your internal health , by trying bentonite clay (or any other clay ) in smoothies, as clay water and even in capsules . So , A BIG NO to all those you think they should be consuming bentonite clay in any form . I would suggest to try fruits in case you want to detoxofy your body internally .

At last I would like to say bentonite clay is really a great option for external body use but a poor option for internal use . In case you think I have mispointed something do let me know in the comments and please press the like button 😁.